If you're a Prisoner of War, this President despises you: "I prefer people who weren't captured"

If you are sick or have a genetic disease (think Cystic Fibrosis, for one) this President and his adoring Republican Party has not time for you - he's out to axe the Pre-exiting conditions clause that was one of the jewels of Obamacare.

Changing healthcare policy is and needs to be, by the way, an ever evolving process. The Republicans, treacherously held their breath til they turned blue in their never ending opposition to Obamacare - then were left to scramble, had no plan when the 2016 Revolt hit them by surprise. Trump "Russia if you're listening, please ..."

And about Drug Prices, don't even ask. Look at the scale, Big Pharma on the one hand - you on the other - Where's this President going to go?