Thunderclap: Love The Ocean

Civic DC • 5 February 2018
Link to Thunderclap

It’s easy to say we love the Ocean, but for many of us, our everyday actions tell a different story.  Seas of plastic, declining fish stocks and ocean acidification are just some examples of the destruction caused to the ocean by our everyday activities, which also have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing.  Our relationship with the ocean has become toxic and one-sided.  After all, the ocean loves us in real ways- like giving us half the oxygen we breathe, climate regulation, food, medicines and a variety of recreational opportunities.

‘Love the Ocean’ aims to rebalance our relationship with the ocean and show our appreciation by pledging to take real action each day and share your actions online, tagging it with #LovetheOcean.

Show us your commitment to your ocean - this Valentine’s day the Sea Change team are asking everyone to pledge one action to #LovetheOcean and encourage others to do the same by sharing your love across social media.

This Valentine’s day we are asking you to post a photo or short video using the #LovetheOcean hashtag, showing what change they pledge to make to their daily lives. No change is too great or too small – you could make a pledge to take the bus to work, or simply to stop using disposable straws. Every positive action makes a difference to the health of our ocean! You can also use our Facebook cover photo to share your support for the ocean across social media.

Join us in the quest for a healthier relationship with your ocean!  Take the pledge:

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