Introduction & a note related to our Climate Catastrophe and related to our #ClimateCatastrophe and our #SixthExtinction

Dear Civic Direct Community, My wife Anna and I live in Philadelphia, both born and raised. I consider myself more of an elder than an older - I am older than most of you - you can each decide for yourself over time. I am a long term colleague, friend and admirer of Steve Rockwell.

I just received a Priorities Survey from the AARP, happily it had an "Other" option and I chose this:

Address the Climate Catastrophe and the Sixth Extinction - both being caused by we humans. Let us elders join with the younger ones now, help create the necessary momentum, while we're still on Earth to do it.

Dire as those issues are, and they are, I am an optimist. I believe we have arrived at the "turning of the tide". *1 We are seeing the consequences of the world leaders sluggish start and outright Denial rolling out right now. These will continue and amplify. I also believe in the immense power of the human spirit that this community exemplifies.

A tag you will see us using is #OurAmazingWorld

We will also be publishing here:


And, of course, I stand opposed to the #DenierInChief. There are 1,001 reasons, one is that he and his #PartyofTrump (remember back when there actually was a Republican Party?) need to be toppled from power.

We need to band together and create a tsunami of change